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Creation of a portal, development of social networks.

Development of portals and their development is a difficult process, demanding an integrated approach. The portal differs from the ordinary corporate site, first of all, in a large number of services, for example, for communication, such as forums, blogs, polls, votes, comments. Then it is worth mentioning that the portal contains a huge number of information: texts, images, video and audio-files which attracts a huge number of visitors. Proceeding from it, the main and initial issue which rises before future owner of a portal is  hosting as the server where all data on the project are stored, has to maintain enormous loadings.

So. You have an idea to create an informative web-portal? Call us, and we will give you a  consultation about the creation of a portal, we will count all possible expenses and we will help you to optimize them. We will create for you the best portal and we will make it the most popular in the segment.

Development of portals and development "from scratch"


туринфо Creation and development of the Turinfo.ru portal

Idea and realization. Tourist portal with a set of the user services: booking of an avia and a rail tickets, the schedule of long distance trains, searching of a car for your rest, searching and booking hotels. 

Stage - ready

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создание портала absent.ru Creation and development Absent.ru web portal 

Idea and realization. The corporate style is created: logo and the design of firm accessories. All main sections web of a portal have own design. The system of searches is realized, the interactive map of the subway by means of which the user is capable to find an institution, convenient for it, is created. The content part is from scratch created and filled. Advance and development of a portal as which result statistical data - not less than 10 000 unique users per day serve was carried out!

Stage - ready

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азбукака Creation of the tourist portal Azbukaka.ru

Idea and realization. An excellent resource for those who likes to share impressions from seen on travel. Useful services, actual news and reports of visitors.

Stage - ready


разработка портала детка конфетка Creation of the portal Detka-konfetka.ru

Idea and realization. The design of a portal and a corporate style is created. From technical capabilities of information portal are realized: a forum, blogs, polls, registration and private offices in which users can communicate among themselves. In a control system of a portal the convenient instrument of moderation is created.

Stage - ready

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создание портала - музыкального клуба Creation of the music club Muzclub-em.ru

Idea and realization. The closed musical club. The visitor can enter club, having paid membership dues in any possible ways: SMS, plastic card, electronic currencies. After payment the user has opportunities: to communicate at a forum, to make friends, to conduct a personal musical album, a personal video album, to place video, audio-, photo information, to participate in various competitions and musical fights. And, above all - to show the uncommon vocal talent! Development of a portal of similar level takes not less than 3 months.

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фото Creation of the portal Photo.ru

Idea and realization. Work on development of the Photo.ru portal is finished. From the name it is clear that the portal is devoted to everything that is connected with photoequipment and a photo as that is.

создание портала russian-made.ru Creation of the portal Russian-made.ru

Idea and realization. The portal devoted made in Russia and, on the contrary, created not on our homeland as it is considered to be. A huge selection of the Russian creations, information on great people of Russia and new names, on our contemporaries which will become history for the merits, about the people famous to us as foreigners which roots grow from Russia. Users of a portal are given communication opportunity at a forum. Also on a resource various competitions will be held.

Stage - in process

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