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Creation of the site for Federal State Unitary Enterprise

The state trust "Arktikugol" is the parent economic organization of Russia on Svalbard archipelago. A main type of its industrial activity - coal mining. 

The mine of Barentsburg including the mechanized coal mine with a modern technological complex of a surface, thermal station, port, stroitelno - an assembly site, the well-planned settlement is a part of trust.

The site for MKKIT

Moscow combine of confectionery "Tallinn". MKKIT since 1992 is one of the leaders of the market: the pastries and pies wholesale are delivered in shops of Moscow and the Moscow region, and also to such cities as Tula, Kaluga, Ryazan, Vladimir, Yaroslavl. MKKIT lets out a batch production and makes any pies to order in Moscow. On your table there will be that you will wish. MKKIT virtuosos confectioners not simply prepare sweets: air, friable, crackling or juicy, they bring joy.

Site of publishing house

Hippocrates publishing house – one of oldest remained up to now in St. Petersburg.

Since the creation moment so far the publishing house specializes on release of medical literature of the widest range: monographs, practical guidances for doctors, textbooks and manuals, reference books, popular scientific editions.

Existing here nearly 85 years, the publishing house endured numerous reorganization, war, without stopping working even in besieged Leningrad.

The site for a creative park

The creative park "Expedition" is a surprising place for a comfortable outdoor recreation in the next Moscow area. The territory of park is equipped by all necessary for carrying out actions of any scale – weddings, birthday, a corporate holiday, team building or comfortable rest in the country with a family or the company in a picturesque place with a reservoir and all necessary infrastructure.

Small reference: Under the Expedition brand about 360 shops in the territory of the CIS and about 320 in Russia are opened. 2012 I became active year of an entry of "Expedition" into the international market. Today shops and goods under the Expedition brand can be seen in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Poland, England, the USA, New Zealand, South Africa, France, Germany, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Creation of the site for

The Option construction Company" is founded ("hard currency") in 2001, and here 10 years heat and a cosiness to your house bears.

The Turkish baths and the Finnish saunas are considered not simply as a luxury element, and one of the most necessary attributes of any private house. For this reason construction of saunas and baths was and remains demanded service.

All ten years the team conducted continuous researches in the field of construction, and all the time was aimed at search of the latest technologies. And so gradually, step by step, collecting our unique experience and complete approach to construction which brought given result.


POWER TECHNOLOGIES is a leading company in the field of rendering service in the organization and operation of systems of temporary power supply. The company provides the power equipment in "turnkey" rent for the largest sports, political, cultural events, including tour of world-class stars.

The company possesses an extensive experience, modern resource base and possibility of rendering of services of electric laboratory and testing under a loading equivalent. Official supplier of Sochi 2014.

Design of the concept for

The MOMO restaurant appeared in May, 2002 especially for people with good taste, and it is simple those who is able to distinguish unique spirit and aroma of the life. Gastronomic traditions of the Mediterranean are embodied in dishes of restaurant.

The restaurant settled down in one of the most beautiful districts of the city of Moscow – in Zamoskvorechye. Not the vain Moscow atmosphere is behind an elegant facade of the building of 1822. In interiors splendor of the Florentine palaces, and sunniness of terraces of French riviera is felt at the same time.

The site for the

The Cronus of Groups company - one of our "ancient" clients who at last ripened on development of the new site. If when - that pipes are necessary for you, you will know to whom exactly it is necessary to address.

There now, actually, to your attention new web site of the Cronus of Groups company!

Redesigning of the

"Nova Company" is the largest supplier in the Russian market of expendables for encoders and datirovshchik of goods. Employees "the Companies It is new" always will help to choose that expendable material which suits your system of automatic identification.

Corporate site of the

The BETIS company is created on the basis of the Russian Representation of SENCO Products, Inc. also represents in the Russian market all range gvozde-, skobo-and the shpilkozabivny pneumoequipment and expendables of SENCO.

Creation of the site for the preparation

The preparation "Geptordeyli" promotes fast removal of toxins from an organism; to restoration of normal work of a liver after violations of food, the raised loadings at active lifestyle, harmful effects of environment, and, above all to good mood and health.

Development of the site for Edvar International

The OOO Edvar International company is the official representative of the Benjamin MOORE company in Russia, was founded in 2001 in Moscow. Today, OOO Edvar International is one of the most dynamically developing companies on sale of LKM in Russia. The company has two firm shops "Benjamin MOORE" in Moscow (in the long term opening of the third shop), and also successfully develops a dealer network in Moscow and in regions.

Site of the international social medical program

Action takes place at the initiative of the Russian State Duma Committee on health protection, with assistance of Ministry of Labor of Russia, the Russian Ministry of Health, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Russian Academy of Medical Science, the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Scientific clinical center of gerontology, Federal State Budgetary Institution All-Russian Scientific and Methodical Gerontological Center, the Commission of RSPP on the industry of health, Academy of medico-technical science.

Development of the site for

OAO "VEROFARM" is a leading Russian pharmaceutical company-producer, which is well known in our country and abroad as the one of the biggest producers of the generics (analogs of known patent medecines), and also oncological preparations and medical plasters.

Creation of the site for the automobile company

Crafterbus is a sale of buses and minibuses, and also sale and re-equipment of equipment of VOLKSWAGEN. Own vehicle fleet, and also highly skilled team of experts will solve any problem in the shortest possible time.

International portal Stampnews.com

Stampnews.com is a known first of all abroad project for the philatelist helping collectors to receive actual materials about new receipts, and also lighting thematic actions which take place worldwide. The amazing world of the passionate collector will open to you on pages of the English-language Stampnews.com edition

Creation of the site for the hotel

On Smirnovskaya hotel is a cozy corner in the center of Moscow. Fine inexpensive numbers, excellent restaurant with the European and Russian cuisine. Online booking, description of numbers and price site.

Development of the coupon club

If you think that it is the next project trading unnecessary coupons, you bitterly are mistaken. It is the closed club and if you the happy owner of the card of this club, are subject to you the most interesting discounts from the companies of partners of "CherryBoom".

Creation of the site for OOO

OOO "Sovremennye tekhnologii" here already on an extent more than takes 9 years strong positions in a rating of the enterprises which are carrying out complex service of real estate objects.


Since October first, 2010 to the present of JSC Sovremennye tekhnologii is the main contractor of Central Office of JSC Sberbank of Russia on service of engineering systems of Bank.

Creation of the site for the Wirbel company

Wirbel unites in itself all latest developments in the field of heating, water supply, conditioning and is an embodiment of the best traditions of the European producers. Today in the company more than 175 employees work, and production of plant extends on the markets of 20 European countries. The company also has own training center, test station, the modern technological center, and also very developed set of the service centers for all Europe.

Creation of the site for the company pf repairing an Apple equipment

Red Fusion is the specialized service center for servicing of Apple equipment. Specialists of the company are ready to help you in the solution of any problems connected with your device whether it be the broken display which visited liquid a device, or the failures in work caused by the software.

Creation of the site for the

The CONTRACTSTROY company was formed in 1993, in Moscow.

Today the Association of CONTRACTSTROY Construction Companies unites 9 companies which offices are located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Khabarovsk, Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk and Astana.

For many years of "CONTRACTSTROY" successfully cooperates with the leading global manufacturers of finishing materials and is engaged in advance on the markets of Russia and the CIS countries of the most progressive construction materials and technologies.

Site of the Proofseo conference

PROOFSEO is not the only professional approach to the solution of questions, but also the unique atmosphere of a cozy, but working situation. Conference shows the changes happening in the market of search advance, the last tendetion of development of branch, and also arising in the course of work of otptimizator of a problem are discussed. More than 300 participants from the most different spheres of internet marketing took part in PROOFSEO II. This conference completely justifies the motto "with PROOFSEO - professionals gather here!"

Development of the site for A1Studios

The site for the most fashionable, the most professional and most that on is a creative photographic studio of Moscow

Creation of the site of the competition

Site of the real beauties! For participation in competition it is enough to visit the website of vote and to be registered, having filled in the questionnaire and having uploaded pictures. We participate, we vote, we win!

Creation of the Gas site for the Private Sport

GAS is the premium leading Italian brand belonging to the Grotto S.p.A company. In the seventies of the last century Claudio Grotto (Claudio Grotto) inherited from mother a manufactory on production of clothes and was engaged in release of products from textiles under the name of GAS.

Creation of the site Wolverine for the Private Sport

More than 120 years the Wolverine factory continued making qualitative footwear. The company by right can be proud of that work which was done for America. And America in turn will keep the worthy name Wolverine in the chronicles. The spirit of Wolverine is very close to moods of America of that time. It is spirit of adventures, changes, pioneers – that induced to discovery of America, construction of skyscrapers on new, uninhabited lands, to overcoming of borders of the possible hitherto.

Site of the musical

Site of the musical "Ordinary Miracle". Do you remember this remarkable movie love of the bewitched young man to the great princess? You will be able to see also the musical based on this known history soon :)

Creation of the site for the Senco company

The Senco company represents in the Russian market all range gvozde-, skobo-and the shpilkozabivny pneumoequipment and expendables of SENCO. The company offers the clients a full package of services, connected with deliveries and ensuring trouble-free operation of the equipment SENCO, including deliveries of spare parts and accessories, guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance and repair, consultations and training of the personnel, departure of experts to clients, delivery of the equipment and fixture.

The site for the

The ITELM company SISTEMS BUILDING specializes on development and production of instrumentations in the field of energy resources saving: counters of water, heat and electric power.

System approach to production, modern production/repair base and close cooperation with the largest western companies (the equipment, licenses, continuous personnel training) guarantee the high level of operational reliability of our devices and accuracy of measurements.

Website development for GK

Lian Group is the general partner of the European producers in two directions: wholesale trade in specialized industrial packing and wholesale trade in nonwoven fabric is a geotextiles

Development of the site for

The Fishing Village restaurant settles down in a picturesque corner of the cottage settlement "Prince lake".

You are waited by a cozy situation, the most tasty food and rest on the bank of the beautiful lake.

The website of lawyers Katina and Dalskogo

Lawyers of an extra class! Any problem with their help are solvable.

The webiste for

Tour Express is a tour operator over the countries of Latin America since 1995. According to Embassies of Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Ecuador Tour Express is tour operator No. 1 over these exotic countries.

The site for the cottage settlement

The river flowing on the middle of the territory divides the settlement into two parts executed in the spirit of two empires: England (with the territory of Ireland adjoining it) and France. Own projects of cottages sustained in traditional styles of three powers are developed for all parts, the individual solution of a facade - all this Lamansh is developed for each house!

Design of the site for OOO

OOO Podati-Consulting is the leading consulting company of the Yaroslavl region working since 1991. Mission of "Podati-Consulting" consists in increase of wellbeing of the Yaroslavl companies by means of the organization of rational and professional accounting in Yaroslavl and the Yaroslavl region.

Site of the logistic company

Transtekhnogroup forwarding company (TTG) is the company which is engaged in freight transportation, one of the advanced companies in the field of transport logistics and logistic service in the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries created according to the program of development of business of the Government of Moscow.

Website for

Kot Vasya and all his "things" finds the new beautiful house. Soon, he will receive it soon... and until let suffers, remained not long. To your attention new design of the site!

Sketches for the site of saling billiard cues

On future site it is planned to carry out sale of billiard cues and accessories for billiards. Also we will be able to find unique models of cues.

Sketches of the site for the Intebi company

The Intebi company is glad to offer you all range of interior works including production of halls, chimney halls, dining rooms, kitchens, drawing rooms, wardrobe, ladders, home theaters, billiard rooms, offices, libraries, nurseries, bedrooms, restrooms, wine cellars, public interiors, wall panels, ceilings, eaves, doors, arches, portals, bars, furniture.

Sketches of design of the site which are provided to your attention were developed for the Intebi company.

Development of the site for the

The Cityservice company renders services in the field of energy saving, such as: installation of regulators of a consumption of water, installation of energy saving lamps, and also motion sensors in inhabited and non-residential premises, plus performs any sanitary works.

Creatin of the site for

At your service round-the-clock manipulator! It;s a very powerful thing: loads by itself, work by itself :)

Site of Stroyeddikt construction company

The OOO Stroyeddikt company has long-term experience in the market of construction, reconstruction, capital repairs.

The construction company carries out work on construction, reconstruction and capital repairs of residential and public buildings and constructions.

Creation of the site for a photo studio

Anastasia, the remarkable photographer and very pleasant client, has addressed to us. It was very pleasant to work on this project!

Sketches and the site for bowling company VPS EC

VPS EC is your partner if you decided to construct bowling center and to join in the industry of bowling - business. VPS EC - the company focused on the end user for this reason when developing the new equipment we consider wishes of all of those who is engaged in operation - mechanics, players, managers and owners of bowling centers.

Website development for the

The Sonata company is the official distributor of manufacturer of baby carriages of "Androx" in the territory of the Russian Federation. Activity of staff of the company is directed on advance of production of this plant on the Russian market. The low cost, reliability and durability of goods allow to think that all at them it to turn out. We wish good luck of the Sonata company!

The site for shopping center

The three-level shopping center "Prince Yard" meets all requirements of a modern family. In assortment of a mall there is all necessary: clothes, ware, accessories, jewelry, toys, branch of the bank, drugstore, medical center and many other things.

Site of the

"Promstroy" is a reliable construction company which is engaged in performance of installation and construction works of any degree of complexity. The company has long-term experience of carrying out installation works in the field of construction of facilities; at construction only the certified materials are used, and the guarantee on implementation of the order is also given.

Сайт торгового центра

ТЦ "Кухниград" - торговый центр кухонь и мебели для дома. Гостиные, спальни, детская мебель, диваны, кресла, шкафы, прихожие - всё это теперь можно найти на новом сайте.

Development, promoting and support of the Absent.ru portal

Live for eating! Restaurants, clubs of Moscow and other cities of Russia. Interesting recipes, useful articles, the club poster is for your attention. Ask questions, comment!

Development of the musical portal Muzclub-em.ru

The closed musical club. The visitor can enter club, having paid membership dues in any possible ways - SMS, a plastic card, electronic currencies. After payment the user has opportunities: to communicate at a forum, to make friends, to conduct a personal musical album, a personal video album, to place video, audio, a photo information, to participate in various competitions and musical fights.

Site of the Tekhnostroy construction company

Specialists of OOO Tekhnostroy are capable to carry out projects practically of any level of complexity. Thus the main attention is paid to quality of works and strict observance of technology of their production.

Site of the logistic company

If you want to organize timely and inexpensive delivery, carrying out currency payments, performance of conditions of currency and customs control then entrust it "to MTA logistik". Shift part of questions to professionals and devote yourself to development of your business.

The website for

company in the electrotechnical market. OOO Evrogroup offers - a cable and cable systems, lighting engineering, the electropanel board equipment, electroadjusting products, the electric tool, and we are partners of such producers as: OAO Elektrokabel Kolchuginsky plant", DKC, Ekoplast, OCTEK, Moeller, FINDER, EKF, ABB, Legrand, Light technologies.

Design of the site for competition of Ms. Moscow

The competition "Ms. Moscow" is an annual beauty contest, for inhabitants of Moscow and the Moscow region aged from 15 till 25 years. The competition "Ms. Moscow" is held since 1994. The founder and the organizer is the "Ms. Moscow" Bureau, and then the All-Russian Social Movement "Beauty of Russia"

Development of a children’s portal Detka-konfetka.ru

New design of the Detka-konfetka.ru portal. The instruction on education of children for young parents in an available form; reference books and catalogs of educational, educational and medical institutions of Moscow.

Development of the site for the Invamat company

Invamat.ru is a special project of the VS-STROY company which is letting out professional production for construction works. Under the name of "Invamat" the company delivers quality fire-resistant fire-prevention materials.

Creation of the site for

The Autounion company carries out production and delivery of the special equipment for power supply, both the industrial enterprises, and individual houses in the Russian market. In warehouses of the company there is a wide range of petrol and diesel power plants, electric generators for the most various purposes.

Site of distributors

The Group of companies began the activity in 2002 and today is the multibrand official dealer center for sale and service of commercial transport having faultless reputation, the extensive list of regular customers, a wide range of the equipment, the staff of skilled and mobile managers fulfilled by system of interaction with the leasing companies and banks, and also straight lines and reliable relationship with plants – producers.

Development of the site of the tourist agency

The main company the aspiration to satisfy need for travel of all of those who chose us is and entrusted the rest. Seeking for realization of this mission, Zet travel made the task not only expansion of geography of the offered rounds, but also continuous improvement of quality of the offered tourist services.

"We gathered in the search engine "development of the sites" and clicked the link of studio of Inklauds. 20 days later we found our representation on the Internet"

Site of the cars repairing

Personal approach to you and your car. 

The most short deadlines of performance of work 

"Transparency" of all repair operations made with your car

Development of the site for the director of an image Olga Bretgolts

How to play a role and to create the necessary image which will lead you to success? 

The answer is simple: You, most likely, need the help of the skilled and talented director of an image!"

Development of this site took 35 days as which result the represented project served.

Website development for the

The BAZILIO company specializes on sale of sunglasses and accessories to them. Only original points of the leading world brands are offered attention of buyers. Models of sunglasses from last collections are sold with enormous discounts, and for actual models on the site the special coupon on a discount is provided in 10%.

Our address: Russia, Moscow, Novokurkinskoe sh., 51

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